Shake Weight for Women

Shake Weight Women:
Lose Inches and Flab!

Fat layers just below the skin can make even the strongest arm look flabby and the tightest abs still have an extra inch or two.

The Shake Weight® burns flab for women.
Those last few pounds of fat can be the hardest to trim. Diets often fail, and endless cardio such as running, biking, and swimming still doesn't work. You can spend hours every day in the gym losing weight look somewhat soft. What is it that creates those sharp contours and firm-looking muscles? It's twofold: tone and trim. When your muscles are both tone—a steady state of contraction—and trimmed—reducing the fat layers below the skin—then you will see the results you've wanted all along: Muscle Definition!

The Shake Weight burns calories and helps women lose weight.Because there is little rest in the Shake Weight workout, especially within our extreme Shake Weight exercise, your heart rate stays elevated longer and your body burns more calories. Continued exertion during an elevated heart rate is when fat consumption begins!