Shake Weight for Men

Shake Weight for Men:
Get Ripped & Defined

What can a simple 5-lb dumbell do for a muscular man? Dynamic inertia has benefits no matter how buff you may already be.

The Shake Weight® increases definition for men.
What does it mean to be "ripped." You can spend hours every day in the gym building muscle and still look somewhat soft. What is it that creates those sharp contours and firm-looking muscles? It's twofold: tone and trim. When your muscles are both tone—a steady state of contraction—and trimmed—reducing the fat layers below the skin—then you will see what many fitness gurus refer to as "Definition" and what you might call just plain "ripped."

The Shake Weight improves grip & forearm strength for men.Because of the grip required to perform any Shake Weight exercise, your grip naturally increases. The forearm is a difficult and time consuming muscle group to isolate, but the Shake Weight does so naturally while working out other muscle groups. And, as a side benefit, many Shake Weight users have seen improvements in grip-related injuries such as tendonitis or "tennis elbow."